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Complete Candidate Care Strategy for all Cross Border Moves

Global Engineering Organisation supports the international and national recruitment and resettlement of skilled workers and families to service work.

The Challenge: The client was looking to standardize the way it handled their cross border moves with a streamlined strategy around HR Policy and benefits, corporate induction, candidate care and relocation assistance that would support their international and domestic recruitment strategy into Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Brisbane.


Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Skilled Migrants

ACT Skilled and Business Migration unit supports the resettlement of around 500 skilled migrants per year into Canberra and use a channel of Registered Migration Agents who process the initial enquiry and subsequent visa application

The Challenge:

  • ACTSBU competes aggressively with their comparative departments in other Australian states for the Skilled Migrant to choose Canberra as the preferred Australian destination
  • During the 12 month visa waiting period the sponsored migrant often discovers other states
  • There is no guarantee the sponsored migrant will actually arrive and settle into Canberra


Complete Attraction & Candidate Care Strategy from US to WA

National Labor Hire organisation won a major tender for the provision of skilled workers for a FIFO situation in WA. The sourcing team located a pool of matching skills in one city in US as a result of a downsizing local economy and planted a recruitment team on the ground.

The Challenge: Whilst the talent and skills matched and employment was eager, having no idea of Perth, candidates couldn’t be convinced to relocate their established families. The client was looking to give the candidate a solid understanding of the city of Perth’s lifestyle and cost-of-living so that the candidate could make an informed decision.


Automated Self-Help Relocation Model for New Hires

An ASX Accounting Firm has a global work force that go on assignment or transfer between national offices and client sites.

The Challenge:Whilst current HR Mobility Policy provides for generous traditional relocation services for existing employees, it didn’t provide any assistance to New Hires or Graduates. Facing a global shortage in the accounting sector meant that competition was fierce against the competing accounting firms, sourcing and recruitment was constant, and the graduate program healthy. How could they provide some guidance but essentially still take a hands-off approach?


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