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  • There was just so much in this for our family but for me personally I found that it gave my wife a real resource for settling her questions, particularly around finding what there was for our 4 year old daughter

    Peiters family, South Africa to Melbourne

  • Coming to Australia and giving birth to our first child a month earlier was never the ideal company move, but I have been able to find the enormous amount of community support and services that are available for new mothers and all before I left home. I was able to arrange all the support services to kick into place pretty quickly, but for me just knowing that I knew the numbers to call and the structure that existed took a lot of the worry out

    Steinbeck family, Canada to Melbourne

  • I have been able to find a neighborhood almost like our own back home, I can’t tell you how that has relaxed my anxiety – its taken the mystery away – now I am really starting to get excited

    Molineaux family, United States to Sydney

  • Thanks for all your help, I have been able to find all the necessary things I have to do to take care of the relocation of our dog – he is very important to me and has to come to become my most important issue during this move

    S and M Reynolds, Canada to Sydney

  • First of all let me say that this is excellent, very definitive and a wonderful initial source of information and links. Really wish we'd had this before we left. I completed the survey and it showed the areas we had previously decided to look at - so I can confirm it is accurate! We eventually chose one of these areas to live in. There are also a couple of extremely useful websites that I have found invaluable.

    Family Truscany, UK to Melbourne

  • I had a look and found this tool to be VERY useful and applicable. It was really easy to use and I had fun learning more about Sydney. I have done research on my own and found it hard to get THIS kind of detail. I learned many new things. I was printing madly

    Family Alberts, Canada to Sydney

  • We have been in Australia now 4 months. We settled in very quickly. We remained focussed and continue with life as it was back home. My husband started his job the second week of our arrival. He enjoys his work very much. His dream is to manage the salon one day. The kids (3 boys) went to school the third day after our arrival. They love their College!!! They enjoy the teachers and the classes very much. My 13 yr old son, started AFL, music and advance maths and he enjoys every day.

    Sponsored family, South Africa

  • The portal was PRICELESS - Thank You :) I have researched some accommodation sites around Canberra and started Job Hunting. All our plans are running smoothly as anticipated (so far).WE REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO START OUR NEW LIVES IN CANBERRA. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

    Family, Moving from South Africa to Canberra.

  • Hi there, Thanks a stack for linking me to the Canberra Information Portal. I have never encountered such a service before and I must say it feels great to be welcomed to Canberra in such a friendly way. My family and I are making use of all the information and I will start searching for jobs actively in June. At the moment I am busy selling my house, cars, etc and getting everything in order for the great trek. My plan is to be in Canberra no later than November this year. Thanks again and chat soonest.

    Leon (Rademeyer), Pretoria, South Africa

  • Hi, I really enjoy the environment we choosed in Roma Parklands and highly recommend it for a year staying. We already experimented the CityCat, CityByke, Gocard system and buses facilities easily available from here. It is wonderful to bike the riverside! I may join the park's volunteers or find a children hospital to take care of babies. Life is especially light and fruits are good here!

    Aude, Thank's for everything

  • Hi, this relocations-made-easy program is great! Very useful for finding general information that is actually surprisingly difficult to find elsewhere. I will certainly be referencing this on a regular basis as I settle in to my new city. I got to relocations-made-easy because I have applied for IMAN Insurance. I applied for Insurance because I have received an offer of employment in Melbourne, I have submitted my long-term visa application and the last step before approval is to get insurance.

    Aaron, Thanks again!

  • I almost had a feeling of being deserted when I received your email informing me that this is the last information portal email we will receive. I used the portal extensively and found it incredibly useful. Especially regarding information about schools and job seeking sites. I also used the tool that places you in an appropriate area according to the information you enter – and found it pleasantly surprising that it correlated with our initial “gut feel” about where we would like to stay. Please let me know if we can still access the information on the old logins and passwords after the period expired. I feel as if there is still much for me to read and I’m sure I’ll be able to use the tool for some time still.

    Unsigned, Thank you for the assistance!

  • Hi, I believe that the portal is very helpful as it allowed me to give a good view of Canberra. It was so helpful that I was able to go around Canberra with my wife and easily locate some potential homes for us. Because of the information provided we were able to visit landmarks such as the war memorial and the parliament. With the information provided as well we were able to determine some potential areas where we would like to settle. I hope that this service can continue and help new migrants.

    Alex, Thank you so much from my family

  • Feedback on the Canberra Information Portal. I would highly recommend to all new migrants to take the advantage of the Canberra Information Portal as I have found it most relevant and up to date information to start a new life in Canberra. My own experience over the past 4 years living in Canberra prior to obtaining permanent residency status, is still inadequate compared to what the information portal provided. The portal provided basis essential information to start a new life immediately and you would feel at home at once. The information on the Australia lifestyle, education, employment and utilities and referral is what I found the most desired. In my personal opinion as long as you have secured the basic necessity for the family for instance accommodation, school, employment etc and the rest will soon follow comfortably. The migration team has done a tremendous hob with preparing this portal thus making the migration process less daunting but comfortable

    Unsigned, Unknown

  • Its Patrick here, Just dropping a note to say that my family is doing well after settling in Canberra. We found a nice place to stay. The children are enjoying their school and I had 2 job offers already, starting my first week of work now. We are enjoying the well planned city living and visiting interesting places. Thanks for the support we've received from the Relocator Portal and the settlement team.

    Patrick, Best regards

  • Hello, I am contacting you to give you my feedback about the relocation program. The application is excellent and very useful, although I have not finished with it yet. I have read much useful information in the application and it will be very useful for me when I arrive at Australia. Thank you very much.

    Miguel Nortes, Kind regards

  • My eldest son has settled well at his new school and was selected to take part in 2011 maths week at UNI. They also started part-time work at Hungry Jacks. I have worked part-time at two beauty therapy colleges and currently I am opening my beauty salon from home. I joined two Beauty organisations and the CWB for networking. We have done sight -seeing in and around Canberra and love Canberra and the people. Thank you for all you did for us!!!!

    Sponsored family, South Africa

  • Firstly, thanks for the constant reminder regarding the use of the portal. As a form of feedback, I find the portal very informative. My wife and I did have a number of questions and so far we found the answers we have been looking for in the portal. Although we have not completely gone through everything, we already have had some initial information on the essential things we need.

    Family, Sth Africa to Canberra

  • Thanks for reaching out. I wanted to thank you for all you help. I know it is your job, but just want to let you know how much we have appreciated the service that you have given to me and my family. We are very happy with the house. Our children Casper have settled into school and kindergarten and things are coming together, I have also given my feedback to the company and have recommended that everyone gets your service to a few more colleagues.

    Thomas, Sweden to Melbourne, for Boston Consulting Group

  • I have been in Australia for 4 years now and have been in Karratha all the time, everyone says that I need to see the rest of Australia but I like me here in Karratha. I have all the friends I need and I love the free time to a drive out in the desert and most of all I like to be in boat out in the islands. I am grateful for the time I have been here in Australia, and for your assistance but look forward to going home and working at home in Norway when the Pluto project is completed at the end of next year.

    Project Manager, From Norway to regional WA

  • The information was fantastic. It saved us a lot of time finding the places to look at more closely. I really liked the demographics information for our selected areas. We can see if the area is mainly Catholic or an area where there is more diversity. We now have good information for when we get out to Sydney. It has given us a fantastic start.

    B. D, Emigrating from UK to Melbourne for BCG

  • I have now explored the program in depth and can therefore confirm to you my first impression which is overall the excellent quality of this site which I find highly exhaustive and rich in terms of information provided to newcomers. It covers all possible topics related to settling in a new country and provides very useful links to various specialised websites, thus saving a lot of time to users. The big advantage also is to have a site dedicated to Melbourne and not only a generic website for Australia.“

    Bridgett and Family, From France to Melbourne

  • Thank you for a most informative portal. I was most pleasantly surprised when I received notification that we had access to the Canberra Information Portal. Wow, you guys really think things through! Most appreciated. Best regards

    Rick and family, Germany

  • Thank you very much for the information portal. It was very helpful. Now we know what to prepare when we leave for Canberra. I also saved and printed all the information that we need for our move. I hope you will continue and update this service so more new migrants will benefit from it.

    Lourdes A. Asoy, Regards

  • Hello and good morning to the Parsons Brinckerhoff Mobility Team. Thank you for the e-mail. The virtual relocator is a superb tool, it provided me with a very good insight into all personal matters relating to taking up a position in Australia. I have no further requirement and deactivation is fine, thank you.

    John, Kind regards

  • Wish we had something like this when we relocated to Japan, this has just made moving to Melbourne so much easier. We could do everything through it, even arrange and understand all our options around the upcoming birth of our child

    C. Waites, Sydney to Melbourne

  • The relocation tool was really informative and very easy to use, thank you so much, it made things much easier for us to picture how things would be!

    Nick, Ernst & Young

  • I wish I had found this product earlier, it would have been really useful having this overview info at an earlier stage of my research, it has been good to have a route to investigate suburbs with interest. Thanks again for this unique and fantastic product

    Paul, UK to Melbourne

  • Thank you for the information portal of Canberra. It has been very useful for migrants like me. The topics are so informative and extensive. It is going to be my guide when my family and i would migrate around November.

    Wilhelmina, Cheers

  • I'm very impressed with the package. I have had a lot of experience with e-commerce packages and this is very easy to use. The virtual locator also saved me lots of time. Now we have narrowed down the suburbs that we will look at for a permanent location after we arrive.

    D. M, Relocating from UK to Sydney for Oce Australia

  • I am the wife of Brian McMahon, and we'll be moving from Perth to Melbourne in May. I just want to say that I have now looked at the wonderful services you offer on this great web portal, and it is helping immensely. Can you also recommend any pre-approved moving companies for moving WITHIN Australia?

    Jean McMahon, Ta

  • The information contained in the Information portal is extremely valuable and rich; actually, so far, I could find lots of things needed before making the move: accommodation, education, banking and finance, cost of living and so on. From a technical perspective, there were times when certain pages could not be opened, but, at a second attempt it was solved. So, thank you very much for giving me access to it and making the transition much smoother.

    Anthony and Denise, Moving to Canberra

  • Your product has certainly provided me with the necessary parameters by which to adress my family’s move to Brisbane – the information was just the detail I was after and we are now all armed with the necessary information to proceed with a decision about our relocation. I certainly endorse your organisation and product as a strong but low cost tool when it comes to considering the complex elements that make up a relocation exercise

    Talent2 employee, Melbourne to Brisbane

  • I found the tool useful, especially with the links it provided to other websites (car license and such). I found it relatively easy to use and can't think of how it could be improved. Your tool definitely made relocating easier. Thanks

    Bryn, Canada to Melbourne

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