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The VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program allows organisations to deliver a fully automated end-to-end solution for the attraction, relocation and resettlement of their workers throughout Australia and consists of the following pieces.

The Online Relocation Program

VirtualRelocator™ powerfully assists the Movers throughout the lifecycle of their relocation and resettlement and features

The Deployment Under Your Brand

We take a holistic approach to both the lifecycle of the transferee and the sponsoring organisation’s objectives and bottom-line and so, by tailoring the way the program is deployed, organisations can deliver a total and sustainable online mobility strategy under their brand, that’s tailored to solve their unique challenges, reflect their policies and processes and also provide flexibility for future key projects.









The VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program

VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program allows VirtualRelocator™ to be licensed and tailored so that your organisation can manage, report-on and deploy your own automated, online self-service relocation program.

Application Modules are created for the various groups within the mobile population and the automated Customer-Contact System can incorporate many internal processes so that the relocation program integrates seamlessly into your recruitment, induction and relocation processes. Your Movers access VirtualRelocator™ through your branded Gateway/s and your staff have the independence to generate Access Keys to any Metro city and Regional centers plus carry out simple reporting through a customized VirtualRelocator™ AdminCenter.

Program Features:

Benefits to Business Benefits to HR Benefits to People
Strengthens YOUR brand Standardise mobility process 6 month family access with Touch-Point Emails
Great Induction Tool Tailored to suit your mobile population Independently research chosen city
Cost Effective Gets candidate over the line Say YES to relocation with confidence
Manages Risk Include policy and suppliers Prepare family & manage their expectations
Demonstrate social responsibility Strengthens any home-search programs Strengthens home-search programs
Equip your agents with sales tool Deployed in-house Improve overall satisfaction
Ensure assignment success User data in reportable location Manage many practical tasks before arrival
Staff re-claim lost time Allows for future key projects Develop a powerful action plan
  All Australian cities Hit-the-ground-running on arrival

Setting up the VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program is easy

Set-Up takes 30 days from agreement signature and involves the creation of a simple AdminCenter, a range of Tailored Application Modules with ePassports and 6 Touch-Point Emails and Gateway Access.

The AdminCenter

Tailored Application Modules:

A number of tailored Modules will be available in your AdminCenter to suit your moving groups and License Type. Each Module is supported by an ePassport and 6 auto-generated Touch-Point Emails over the 6 month access period. Please note: This recognizable brand has been used as an example and is not necessarily a license holder

The Customer-Contact System of ePassports and 6 x Touch-Point Emails:

Each ePassport and all Touch-Point Emails are customized to match the Module and the city ordered and offers the opportunity to tailor the wording to suit your departmental processes and steps along the mobility life cycle, for example:


Gateway Access: We create a branded Gateway/s that provides the unlimited access to the Module/City ordered. A Guest Tour video inducts the user to the recruitment or resettlement process, sets the expectation and instructs them on how to get the most out of the program

Training and Induction: An initial staff training session will be run, whether by phone or face-to-face to introduce the AdminCenter and provide a range of Marketing Tools, if required, so that you familiarize yourselves properly before a scheduled Go-Live date.


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